I’m sorry

This is just a quick update/ apology. I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting but I really just can’t right now. You guys know that I’ve been having problems with my dad and it basically exploded recently. I’m going through a very depressed stage right now and I find it hard to smile recently. I’m sorry but until I can really be me again. I think I need some time away from everyone and try to find happiness and hope that my heart stops feeling so upset.

Bye. for now 



Update on Where the heck have I been

Sorry for not posting in the longest time ever. However, please wait a little longer because I am still very busy and probably will be until mid November. Two words would explain it all: College Apps. I’ll be updating one more time today and then I will go back to hibernation. Please stay with me and good luck to all those other seniors going through the same situation I am in right now too!