Loner Problems…

Hey I’m back! It’s been two months! Not really gonna go into why I was gone but hey, at least I’m back! Ok, today I will be addressing an issue that currently affects me and probably thousands of other teens out there. The problem is: Being a Loner. How you know that you are a loner is actually fairly simple. Do you find yourself stuck at home for days with no one calling or texting you to hang out? Read More

Hi Everyone!

I’m finally done with all my Regents and I’m ready to embrace the summer ( or the summer heat embracing me). I have come to realize that I did not post for the longest time… My apologies, however, I also have to inform everyone that I will not be able to post anything until July 20 something because I am going on vacation. I really need to just take a break from reality and just relax. Read More