I failed my math test today….

Such a lousy mood today. I had to take a math test first period today and I totally failed! I don’t even need to look at the results I know I failed. I would say partially is my fault but overall, my teacher is really bad. She talks to the class like we are babies and she doesn’t explain well when she’s teaching. When I go ask her to help me, she doesn’t, she just tells me to remember what she wrote of the board. Well how am I suppose to learn when I don’t understand a thing! I really am not trying to be mean or anything but I want her to be fired. I want to get a better teacher. Between her and my grades I choose my grades. It’s either she goes or my grade is in jeopardy! Gosh, I wish she gets fired or get pregnant so she can just leave. Oh, sorry I’m ranting about my no good teacher.