College got me busy!

Guys, I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted in forever. The summer flew by like a snap! I was so busy working as a Camp Counselor and Bus Counselor for a country day camp. Since, I live in the city I have to commute by bus to get to the actual bus stop where I have to pick up the kids and watch over them on the bus to the camp. I was also the Kindergarten girls’ Camp Counselor so I was always busy. I use to be very pale and now I’m nice and tan which is a first in my 18 years. But, since I had to work a lot of hours a day when I get home I am way too tired to even think about touching my computer. After the summer ended, I had to move in to my dorm. My first year in college! Everything came at me so fast. I wanted to tell you guys everything but I always had so much to do.  Read More


Happy Holidays! I bear good news!

I FINISHED MY COLLEGE APPLICATIONS!!!!!!!!!! My hiatus is over! Sorry guys for the long wait! Now, I’m back and I’m sure many of you guys are gone by now. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and hope that everyone is safe and warm back home with your families. I will be updating regularly and I hope there still a few people reading. HEHE. Well, just wanted to do a quick update to show that I didn’t disappear. Now that my college applications are done all I really need to do is wait. I’ll probably do another post later today or tomorrow. I’m actually really upset that I missed Blogmas. I’m sorry and I know not many people read this anymore but whatever. Everyone enjoy your break and eat lots of delicious foods!



Hi Everyone!

I’m finally done with all my Regents and I’m ready to embrace the summer ( or the summer heat embracing me). I have come to realize that I did not post for the longest time… My apologies, however, I also have to inform everyone that I will not be able to post anything until July 20 something because I am going on vacation. I really need to just take a break from reality and just relax. Read More