The closer you are to someone, the more pain they can cause you.

This is the second time I realized a friend of mine betrayed the trust I have in her. When I first realized it, I was speechless. There were a lot of emotions that went through my head. Anger? Hurt? Sadness? Disappointment? It was more than that. Read More


Humans are so complicated…

Everyone has their problems in life that they deal with. These problems bring out our weaker, fragile selves that we want to suppress deep into our hearts. We try to deal with our problems but in the end we usually find ourselves trying to hide from reality or distract ourselves from the tugging in our hearts. To the trillions of people out there who are struggling to keep their lives together and cope with whatever is bothering them, all I want to say is “You are not alone”. A wise friend said to me that, ” Friends are just the family God forgot to give us” . Read More

Boring Day…..

I spent the entire day facing the computer! I’m about to go nuts. Don’t get me wrong I have friends and all but they are either trying to finish their homework or not even in the country! I have had enough “me time” ! I found myself texting my friends or thinking way too much for my own good. Either I’m thinking about television drama ideas in my head which I always try to write into a book but found myself stopping midway or thinking about my future and fate and anything else that pops up in my mind. Today made me realize that I need more friends to keep me from thinking so much when I should be out absorbing Vitamin D!