Celebration overdose

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you and your family celebrate way too much? Read More


I won’t be me without some family issues.

So, my mom got mad at me because I didn’t notice that she got locked out of the apartment for quite some time. She feels like I don’t care about her at all and didn’t notice she was gone. This was 2 days ago and we haven’t talked since. When I tried to explain myself my sister only said that I’m guilty when I really don’t feel all that guilty. Does that sound really bad? Hear me out. She was in the 2nd floor of the apartment, I was in the 4th floor. It’s hard to hear in general, plus my dad was blasting his tv show and I had my earphones on. She thinks I didn’t notice she was gone; the truth is I did. However, I’m known for not being that observant sometimes. I didn’t know she was out throwing the trash. I thought she went upstairs to use the bathroom or something. Read More

Happy Holidays! I bear good news!

I FINISHED MY COLLEGE APPLICATIONS!!!!!!!!!! My hiatus is over! Sorry guys for the long wait! Now, I’m back and I’m sure many of you guys are gone by now. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and hope that everyone is safe and warm back home with your families. I will be updating regularly and I hope there still a few people reading. HEHE. Well, just wanted to do a quick update to show that I didn’t disappear. Now that my college applications are done all I really need to do is wait. I’ll probably do another post later today or tomorrow. I’m actually really upset that I missed Blogmas. I’m sorry and I know not many people read this anymore but whatever. Everyone enjoy your break and eat lots of delicious foods!



Update on Where the heck have I been

Sorry for not posting in the longest time ever. However, please wait a little longer because I am still very busy and probably will be until mid November. Two words would explain it all: College Apps. I’ll be updating one more time today and then I will go back to hibernation. Please stay with me and good luck to all those other seniors going through the same situation I am in right now too!



Sibling problems!

If any of you have siblings like I do you will understand my difficulties. There are the kind of siblings that are very close and have a lot of things in common. Then there are the ones that fight all the time and butt heads constantly. Well, my sister and I are that kind of siblings. Many people say that it’s the younger sibling that causes all the trouble. Despite being the younger sibling, I have to admit: sometimes it’s true. Read More