Hiatus until whenever

I’m really sorry for breaking all these promises but I feel like I drifted too far away from this blog and I’ve began to lose my purpose. Until I find a new purpose or at least a direction I want to go, I will be on hiatus indefinitely. I don’t know how long but I know that I’ll be back. For those that haven’t given up on me, I want to thank you all. I will definitely come back as a better Elyse that will definitely stick to her blog. Thank you!




Christmas Music Time!

I love the classic holiday songs but I thought these two new Christmas songs were really cute!

Haven’t watched Disneychannel in a long time but I’m really loving this song!

I really love Heffron Drive so I thought I’d give this song a try and I gradually grew to like it.



College got me busy!

Guys, I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted in forever. The summer flew by like a snap! I was so busy working as a Camp Counselor and Bus Counselor for a country day camp. Since, I live in the city I have to commute by bus to get to the actual bus stop where I have to pick up the kids and watch over them on the bus to the camp. I was also the Kindergarten girls’ Camp Counselor so I was always busy. I use to be very pale and now I’m nice and tan which is a first in my 18 years. But, since I had to work a lot of hours a day when I get home I am way too tired to even think about touching my computer. After the summer ended, I had to move in to my dorm. My first year in college! Everything came at me so fast. I wanted to tell you guys everything but I always had so much to do.  Read More

My Hiatus ends with The Fault in our Stars


I actually never read the novel so I really didn’t have an interest in the movie at all. It was only when my friend choose this movie did I watch it. Boy am I grateful. The movie was so awesome. I was bawling throughout.It’s such an inspirational and beautiful love story. Then we watched 22 Jump Street and that’s exactly what we needed after the tears. Read More

I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all, I’m back and ready to have some fun!!!!!!!!!! Oh during my hiatus, I realized it was my two year anniversary. Happy Anniversary with littlebodybigattitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be posting more photos and writing more posts, I’m sorry for being gone for so long. Before I was really stressed and mentally insane. After my break, I’m refreshed and ready to share my wild adventures!!!!!!

I’m sorry

This is just a quick update/ apology. I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting but I really just can’t right now. You guys know that I’ve been having problems with my dad and it basically exploded recently. I’m going through a very depressed stage right now and I find it hard to smile recently. I’m sorry but until I can really be me again. I think I need some time away from everyone and try to find happiness and hope that my heart stops feeling so upset.

Bye. for now