College not to do #1

Which is exactly what I did yesterday. Guys, please whether in first year of college or already in college; be alert of the bus. Yesterday, I missed the bus and I was at the stop early!

I had time left so I decided to go to a Starbucks to go to a last minute bathroom break. I bought a coffee first since I felt bad for loitering and only using their bathroom. But I guess that’s when the bus decide to arrive. Oh joy. I had to miss my class for today and my student teaching session where I tutor elementary kids. I might get in trouble but what choice do I have. So, the first thing you shouldn’t do in college, DON’T MISS YOUR BUS! But even if you do end up like me, don’t freak out. Just go online and buy the next ticket back even if it means the next day. However, don’t take a midnight bus regardless of how much you want to get back. It’s dangerous for both guys and girls. Anyway, that’s all for now!
P.S. I’m currently in a bus hence the weird photo.


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