I won’t be me without some family issues.

So, my mom got mad at me because I didn’t notice that she got locked out of the apartment for quite some time. She feels like I don’t care about her at all and didn’t notice she was gone. This was 2 days ago and we haven’t talked since. When I tried to explain myself my sister only said that I’m guilty when I really don’t feel all that guilty. Does that sound really bad? Hear me out. She was in the 2nd floor of the apartment, I was in the 4th floor. It’s hard to hear in general, plus my dad was blasting his tv show and I had my earphones on. She thinks I didn’t notice she was gone; the truth is I did. However, I’m known for not being that observant sometimes. I didn’t know she was out throwing the trash. I thought she went upstairs to use the bathroom or something. The only part I feel bad about is that I couldn’t connect the fact that she was throwing out the trash. I think it is partially my fault for not explaining myself that I did notice but i didn’t know she throwing the trash. But knowing my mom’s personality whatever I say will sound like an excuse. My family tends to misunderstand me a lot that when I try to explain myself they always say that I’m talking back to them and that I never admit that I’m wrong. That’s why a lot of times I don’t handle situations well and I just stay silent. Silence is probably not the best solution to this issue since she’s still mad but I just lost all will and strength to try to make things right since they all will end up misunderstanding anyway. What’s the point! To be honest, they probably won’t notice if I went out without telling them. 



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