Sibling problems!

If any of you have siblings like I do you will understand my difficulties. There are the kind of siblings that are very close and have a lot of things in common. Then there are the ones that fight all the time and butt heads constantly. Well, my sister and I are that kind of siblings. Many people say that it’s the younger sibling that causes all the trouble. Despite being the younger sibling, I have to admit: sometimes it’s true.However, it;s hard to maintain peace when my sister and I are polar opposites! For example, my sister is a chatterbox and I’m more quiet. She likes to spill everything she’s feeling out to my mom and I only like to reveal what I want to reveal. Just now we were having dinner with my mom and dad and there she goes yapping around. In my head, I’m thinking, ” Stop talking, gosh! I like to have my dinner in peace!” Maybe it’s the fact that she’s back at home now when I’m already use to her not being here. Either way, during dinner I had to constantly remind myself that if I didn’t have anything better to say, I shouldn’t say anything at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister and all ( even though I don’t usually show it or say it) but I just need to accept the fact that my sister and I will probably be eternal rivals. We fight a lot but in the long run we do care for one another.




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