The closer you are to someone, the more pain they can cause you.

This is the second time I realized a friend of mine betrayed the trust I have in her. When I first realized it, I was speechless. There were a lot of emotions that went through my head. Anger? Hurt? Sadness? Disappointment? It was more than that. Read More


Sibling problems!

If any of you have siblings like I do you will understand my difficulties. There are the kind of siblings that are very close and have a lot of things in common. Then there are the ones that fight all the time and butt heads constantly. Well, my sister and I are that kind of siblings. Many people say that it’s the younger sibling that causes all the trouble. Despite being the younger sibling, I have to admit: sometimes it’s true. Read More

Late Night Cravings!

This is gonna be a quick post but I just can’t help it!. I’m craving food!!!!! There’s so many things that I’m craving right now that it’s driving me nuts! It’s exactly 12:18 right now and my hands are creeping closer and closer to the cookies! Read More