My Life’s First Sauna!

Here’s the deal, I was working out at the gym with my friend, Ronnie and she suggested to go to the sauna afterwards. At first, I was like, “Psst! Sauna? You’re so funny, it’s like you don’t know even me!” For everyone that knows me, knows that I despise the heat! I hate summer. I hate sweating. And I hate feeling hot. The most wicked thing is that my body just happens to emit a ton of heat all the time! I actually had instances where my family and friends told me that my hands are unnaturally warm!  ImageI just retaliate saying, “I’m not a werewolf! Anyway, I just can’t stand feeling like I melting or being cooked. It makes me want to rip my skin off of my body! In the end, I did go to the sauna. As I expected, it felt like an oven! I had difficulty breathing since it was so HOT! There was this lady sleeping in there! Ronnie and I were like, “WOW!” I sweated so much it was ridiculous. But I mean, it wasn’t too bad. If anyone else gets to try the sauna, try it! Even if you hate the heat like I do. I just wanted to share a little adventure with you guys since I know I haven’t been posting much.



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