The rather dark aspects of life…

ImageOkay, so I originally didn’t think of writing a post with this topic in mind but my dad told me something that made me want to share my knowledge and two cents about this topic. Now the topic I want to share about is animal abuse and dolphin slaughtering. Today my dad told me that he saw pictures of a dog that was severely burned by people that poured gasoline on it and set it on fire! When I heard this, I was horrified and had this cold feeling that this was only the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure everyone have seen commercials about animal abuse but not many actually think about doing something about it. I was like that too. Animals have a beating heart too but there are many that have to suffer through abuse and abandonment. About dolphin slaughtering, I’m not sure if many of people know about this topic because I didn’t know about this until I learned and watched about it a few weeks ago. I was in my Advanced Biology class and we watched a documentary called The Cove (If you are able to find the documentary film online or by dvd, please watch it. It’s an eye opener and even I got teary eyed when I watched it in class). It talked about how many people slaughter and capture dolphins in Taiji, Japan. There’s this cove there that the fisherman use to trap the dolphins and kill them. Some dolphins and sent to aquariums while the ones that are not chosen are slaughtered as dolphin meat. What’s truly horrifying is that the so many dolphins are killed to the extent that the entire area of water the dolphins are trapped in becomes opaque red. The water is so red that you can’t even see through it! However, the dolphins sent to the aquariums aren’t that great either. The dolphins we see that smile and do flips and tricks in the aquariums suffer tremendously. It’s not natural for dolphins to live in such constricted areas like an aquarium. Also, dolphins have super sensitive hearing and the filters in the pools create noises that scare the dolphins. Don’t be tricked by the sweet dolphin smiles because they aren’t sweet at all. Many of the dolphins in the aquariums suffer from depression and the performance dolphins are injected with chemicals to keep them looking “happy”. Going back to the fishermen in Taiji slaughtering all those dolphins is because the government tells them that the dolphins keep eating all the fish. They say killing them is like stopping pollution. Honestly, I understand that the fishermen are slaughtering because they are afraid that the dolphins will eat all the fish and they no longer have any fish to sell. However, they are missing a very important aspect. Humans actually consume a huge amount of fish also and if this continues either way the world will run out of fish. When the world runs out of fish the entire cycle is disrupted. What I don’t understand is if a class of teenagers can understand this aspect, why can’t the government? I made this post purely to outreach to others this knowledge that they might not have known. I just want to spread awareness about it so many more people can know about this. As a teenager there’s not much we can do but to help spread awareness and hope that eventually it can make a difference and save the world and everything that lives in it.



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