Loner Problems…

Hey I’m back! It’s been two months! Not really gonna go into why I was gone but hey, at least I’m back! Ok, today I will be addressing an issue that currently affects me and probably thousands of other teens out there. The problem is: Being a Loner. How you know that you are a loner is actually fairly simple. Do you find yourself stuck at home for days with no one calling or texting you to hang out? Do you find yourself always planted in front of the computer? Do you get nagged by your parents that staying home and sitting around will result to laziness and weight gain? If you answered yes to all the questions above; Congratulations! You have officially been Loner-fied! Anyway, as a fellow Loner, it’s not that we want to be loners it’s just that we really have nothing to do! Sure we can go outside alone but the question is where? Maybe some people enjoy walking around alone. People like me, it’s awkward being alone and there is nowhere really worth going to alone. Especially, if you live in the city like I do. The city is always busy and everyone seems to have a destination to reach. When you are a loner in the city, walking alone on the streets just feels like aimless wandering. Also, unless you live somewhere close to a mall or anywhere of your interest then you can go there. However, for many people that live in the city, in order to get somewhere you have to ride the bus or subway. If you are just a loner like me, who has money and time for that?! Although, it’s tough to be a loner, it doesn’t mean that you will forever be a loner. Some ways to get out of the loner stage is to 1: Don’t just wait for friends to call you. Call them! Sometimes one person has to be the incentive to a plan. If your friends don’t make the plans to hang out, then you start it! 2: Do some volunteer work! If your friends are busy and you are bored; go help out at a daycare center or something. Helping out in the community is always good. 3: Exercise! Join a local gym or go jogging! If you are going to be a loner, at least be a fit loner! Happy Summer!



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