Why do people have so many emotions?

Sometimes I wish humans didn’t have emotions. That way we will never get hurt or hurt someone else. As my fellow blogger friends all know, I have posted numerous posts about me going crazy because of my dad. You must all wonder now, ” Did Elyse argue with her dad again?” Yes, yes I did. Did I cry? Yup. Is it a long and confusing story? Kinda. But that’s not the point. The point is that sometimes I wish I can just turn off those emotions. Once they are turned off, sure I can no longer feel happy but I don’t have to be hurt by my dad’s words. Once those emotions are turned off, I think I might be able to focus on the real me. I know that emotions are what makes us human but I also feel like they are such a distraction in our life. Emotions are like the lever that activates a roller coaster ride called Life. There are highs and lows even loopy loops. We think we know what will happen but once we actually sit down and ride it all we truly know is to scream. 



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