I am not a doll you can vent your anger in!

This is a rant post if anyone didn’t realize this through the title. So, today I didn’t have a lot of homework and I finished it pretty quickly. Since I had spare time that I haven’t had for a long time, I wanted to watch a little bit of television. Then my dad started yelling at me for watching television and doing homework at the same time and that this is why I’m so slow. I told him i finished my homework already. Then he starts yelling at me about sleeping past my bedtime (don’t laugh at me still having a bed time) because I am studying. I just ignored him because I knew if I talk back that will just fuel his anger. Now I can’t watch television even when I finished everything I have to do! Do you know the worst thing about this is that he is just venting his anger with my brother out on me because he is not here?! Like the freak! I didn’t do anything wrong! Usually he wouldn’t care that I’m watching television if I finished all my homework, but since my brother got him angry I have to be yelled at?!And I can’t say or do anything about it but swallow it and think he’s crazy! I have such a WONDERFUL life!

Bye… I’m seriously irritated right now!


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