Joan Rivers making fun of Adele for her weight?!

First of all, when I heard this news I was furious! How dare she make fun of Adele’s weight. I’m not an obsessed fan of Adele but I respect her and like her songs and so does a lot of other people. She has no right to make fun of her especially in a talk show. I’m also a New Yorker like she is but no one would say things like that. It is kind of a disgrace to New Yorkers because people already have a stereotype that New Yorkers are rude; she’s not making it any better! I understand if there are people that just doesn’t like Adele’s music but don’t make fun of her weight. Generally, don’t insult someone else for their weight or any other part of their body! That is just plain rude and immature of her to do. Joan Rivers should not even be talking considering the numerous times she’s done plastic surgery. I’m not trying to insult those who have done plastic surgery, but really? If she is so insecure about her face why would she insult someone else’s physical appearance especially someone who has millions of fans around the world. Honestly, she’s asking to be hated right now. The moral here is never make fun of someone. Just my opinion on Joan Rivers’ insulting comment to Adele.



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