Angels and Devils

I honestly don’t know how this thought just popped in my mind but I want to share it. To some extent, angels and demons depend on one another. Without the angel the devil has not point of even existing. It is because if this world didn’t have any angels than the devil does not have any reason for its existence. I don’t know if there is really angels and devils in this world but if there is, they need each other to coexist and keep the world balanced. I guess this is the reason why this world does not have a truly good person or a purely bad person. If there is no angel then everyone in the world is evil. If everyone is evil than evil would not be evil; it would just be normal. I think this thought came out subconsciously from something I watched. I don’t remember. Sometimes I think I’m rather simple minded, if i am hungry and I sleep I dream of food! HAHA! This post is just really random but I hope people enjoy it!



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