Expressing Feelings

I know I don’t post as often as I use to but I didn’t forget this blog. I feel like it is time for a change. I want my blog to be more interesting and that I should stop ranting about my life (unless I’m really upset in certain days) . I’m gonna talk about a new topic in every post. 

Today is going to be about expressing your own opinions and ideas. Yeah sure letting your opinions out is a good thing but sometimes it can lead to trouble. I know I’m not the only one who had expressed their opinion and ended up insulting someone or caused trouble. When those situations appear, we really have to think things through. Think about the risks of trouble it can cause and whether it is worth it to hurt someone even if you don’t intend it to be that way. When you come across a time where I have an opinion or thought in your mind and you are not sure whether you should say it or not; don’t say anything at all. I’ve heard that if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all. When nothing is said no one will get hurt and there will be no risk of causing any problems. I’m not saying to never express an honest opinion whether negative or positive but just be cautious of how and when you say it.



p.s. It’s regents week and I hope whoever has regents week either relax a bit or good luck on their regents! There’s still plenty of time to go before summer so take a break to rest!

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