Ghhhhhh!!!!!!!! I Forgot my Password!!!!!!!!

I’M SO SORRY I DISAPPEARED FOR SO LONG! I guess Blogmas was a fail this year but HEY! there’s always next year! I actually have¬†legitimate reasons I didn’t post Blogmas for so long. It sounds really stupid but I forgot my password. At first I was like just give me a day to try to remember it but after a few days it just won’t pop up! I think it was due to all the work and stress from school that made me temporarily forget my password. It is kind of like those times where you forget how to spell a really easy word. There are many times I forget how to spell “where”! It worst times are when my mind blanks out for like 3 seconds where I can’t even remember my own name! I’m not kidding! I honestly have forgotten my name for a few seconds and then it comes back to me. Kind of pathetic but true story. But anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Should I do a Blog-year? Like blogging everyday until New Years? I know what you guys are thinking that I won’t keep that promise like what I did to Blogmas. I’ll try, I just want to go back into a habit of daily blogging. This post is kind of random. Well, all my posts are kind of all over the place but whatever! Should I make a vlog? I’ve been thinking about it for a while already. I love taking pictures and it’s an interesting idea to record fun adventures I do. It can motivate me to actually go outside and do something instead of being a couch potato.However, I also worry about the dangerous internet. I watch way too much television to know that there are crazy, scary people online. That’s why it took me a long long time to come up with the decision of making a blog. Also, I made sure I didn’t put too much information online. Call me a wimp I don’t care I’m just being safe. Hope everyone has a great holiday break!



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