Blogmas 18…

Why is it that as Christmas comes closer I got more and more busy? But anyway I did do some exciting things in the past 3 days. On Monday, I went to my friend’s house to decorate her Christmas tree! I’ve never decorated a Christmas tree before so I was really excited. I feel like the outcome of how the tree looks will always be good when you decorate with people that care and love you. We each held a candy cane and each person had to say something sweet about this year and our group of friends. My expression might not show it but I was really touched and I’m not one that is good communicating with words so I felt like my message couldn’t truly explain how much my friends meant to me. Especially since this year was really tough for me. This year I went through a lot of ups and downs and experienced a lot of new things some were upsetting but when I think about how much my friends love me and care for me; it brightens my day. This may be random but am I the only one that is confused with the dates this week. I spent the entire yesterday and today thinking yesterday was the 16th and today was the 17th! But anyway I can’t blog too long for I still have SAT homework to finish!



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