Blogmas 14 and 15…

Blogmas 14:

Yesterday, I was so tired I only slept for 3 hours and I had zero period gym! Luckily it was a half day due to Parent Teacher Conference.  During Adv. Biology, my teacher looked at me and said that I looked really tired. I was surprised because although I am tired no one could tell that I was so that caught me off guard. After having some lunch I went to my friend’s house and I learned the 2ne1 I Love You dance. It was the dance that the dance club needed to know for my school’s showcase. I have no coordination or skills in dancing at all! Also, I have stage fright so I was scared to even dance it in front of my friends. After learning the dance I had volunteer work to do until 6. I was so tired yesterday that I slept really early.

Blogmas Day 15:

Today was so much fun! I went to my cousin’s  Bridal Shower! Congrats to her! I dolled myself up and went with my mom. It was so much fun we had to do a Mad Libs on how she and her fiance met and she was asked 10 questions about her fiance to test how well she knows him! Overall it was a blast and everyone had a great time! 

I’m planning to get a mini fake Christmas tree because I want to feel more of the holiday spirit! 



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