Blogmas Day 11 and 12

Hey guys,

Sorry I didn’t get to blog yesterday because I was just so stressed and I had a lot of work to do. But anyway I’m back and I actually had a funny story I wanted to share from yesterday. Yesterday I was walking to my American Lit class after lunch and I didn’t realize that there were people in the classroom. The seniors’ homeroom period wasn’t over yet so I opened the door and a bunch of seniors stared at me. I quickly burst out and said, “I’M SO SORRY!” I quickly closed the door and ran with my hands covering my face due to embarrassment to a corner between another door and the wall. My friends who were in the same class as me started laughing like crazy. I had my back to them hiding my face in my hands in the corner. It was a weird sight.But then I heard the door that was next to me open so I ran to another direction still with my hands covering my face! Turns out that person who opened the door was another friend of mine so she was confused why I was running away! Crazy day huh?!

Today I’m pretty bummed out because I lack sleep and I got my PSAT and mid Quarter grades. My PSAT’s were pretty bad which I kind of figured since I have SAT prep every Wednesday. But my Mid Quarter was really the main thing that upset me. I found out my Adv. Biology grades are in the 70’s and my grades have already lowered since last year. I’m really stressed over that because I’m a junior and the grades this year are very important and it dropped so I have to work extra hard to put my grades back up. Now, Adv. Bio just isn’t making anything better. I try really hard but it doesn’t seem to work! So that’s my day… Wish everyone had a better one then me… But hey today is 12/12/12 man, I’m gonna miss the triples! Probably not gonna happen again when I’m still living…



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