Black Friday? Twilight? LOL…

Hey everyone,

Happy day after Thanksgiving! How many of you do Black Friday?I don’t go to Black Friday but for those who do I hope you got some great deals on Christmas gifts or just for yourself! I always want to try to go to Black Friday but I never get to. 1: I am way too slow for it, everyone would grab all the good stuff before I’m even able to get there. 2: It takes me forever to wake up! I’m way too lazy and I get cranky when I don’t get enough sleep. I’m so excited for the holidays! Although in the back of my mind I still feel a little upset but I’m trying to look at the bright side of things. Hey, every family has their wackos and troublemakers, I’m not the only one dealing with family issues. But anyway let’s not talk about sad things. So, is everyone stuffed from Thanksgiving feast? Does anyone have any traditions they do during the holidays? Well, anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! And, I’m definitely doing Cyber Monday! This post is so random but it will get me back into the habit of posting more often… Oh! I almost forgot! I SAW BREAKING DAWN PART 2!!!!! I mean I really am not a crazed Twilight fan, it’s just that I read all the books and was curious on how the movies will turn out. Breaking Dawn Part 2 was by far my favorite.I mean Breaking Dawn was my favorite one out of the saga. Is anyone also wishing that Stephanie Meyer or at least the director would make a movie or book about Renessmee and Jacob? I’m actually pretty accepting towards them compared to how some of my friends thought it was weird. I was a little bittersweet to see Twilight end… I have to go do some homework now!





  1. Radiance · December 3, 2012

    I really like your blog and I’ve Nominated you for an award!
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