How was school?

I have not posted in almost a month! Oh dang! Well to summarize where and what happened during my disappearance from my blog is that I started Junior Year in High School. The stakes are high with preparing for SATs, entirely different schedule, family, friends, thinking about college, the large increase in workload, and let’s not forget dealing with the stressed out ME. People were not kidding when they said that the most difficult year of high school was Junior year. I’ve been juggling to and from school work and after school activities trying to balance enough time for everything. I joined my school’s swim team/ club because I wanted to exercise and I needed some extracurricular activities to put in my transcript.Practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I might have SAT prep classes on Wednesdays and required volunteer work on Saturdays. There are still possibilities that I might add more things to do in my schedule so as the year goes on I’ll just get busier and busier. How was everyone else’s summer and beginning of the school year? I’m really glad I got to see my friends again since some of them I didn’t get to see during the summer! I’m so happy fall arrived! I love fall! My birthday is in the fall and I just love the weather and I just think it’s absolutely beautiful! Well, I gotta finish homework so I’ll try to post whenever I have time!



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