I need to be ALONE!!!!!

I’m starting to get very annoyed and sensitive these past few days. I’ve realized that I may not be the nicest person to talk to  right now and my tone of voice may not be acceptable but I just need people to stop asking me questions. And when I say people I’m referring to my parents. This blog is basically a place where I vent out all the anger and frustration my parents cause me to feel and I vent it here because I can’t express it to them. I’m just very very sensitive these days and I can get easily irritated by people disturbing me when I already have a lot of personal issues I’m dealing with as a teenager. I’m the type of person that does not talk to my parents about my feelings and I tend to keep it inside which brings me much pain. I just wish that I could be alone sometimes without my parents asking me questions every few seconds. I really think that being apart from my parents for even a little while would be good for me. I could use that time to sort out things that are bothering me and just relax. My back and neck are tense and my moods are going crazy and I already have stress issues. I just hope that I could get a day to myself where I get no interruptions and no visual sight of my parents just for that one day where I get me all to myself. I can’t handle both my parents and myself at the same time.I’m gonna go cool down.



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