Technology………………. Brain Washing Machines!

I’m one of the rare teenagers now that only have a basic text/ talk phone. My mom refuses to give me a smart phone until I’m a senior. Honestly speaking I really don’t need to go on the internet on my phone especially when my school is in a wifi free area. However, now their basic phones are getting worse and worse and the desire for a smartphone increases. When I was on vacation in Hong Kong I saw so many students with Iphones and Samsung Galaxy phones but the catch was that some were even younger than me! And I’m only a rising junior in high school. Kids these days are getting more and more influenced by the media and technology. I feel like they are losing the pure innocence that they are suppose to have. I mean, when I was in middle school I was still watching Disney Channel and¬†Nickelodeon but now middle schoolers watch reality television like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Jersey Shore. My 6 year only cousin listens to Nicki Minaj!! That can’t be good! Don’t get me wrong I like Nicki Minaj but a 6 year old would not be able to learn correct grammar if she continues. She even called my older brother an Asshole! I didn’t even learn cuss words until 7th grade. This just makes me wonder how the future generations are going to be like if current 6 year olds own Iphones and know cuss words. Oh gosh!



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