Family problems… Again!

I am so tired of problems that are rising in my family recently! Is this year bad luck for my family? Oh my god I’m getting stressed. This time we have financial problems and my parents are arguing since both of them want different things.I honestly don’t want to get into it nor do I want to worry about it since my parents obviously don’t want me to get involved with it..but urg! I’m so sick of them arguing and I just pray that there is a solution quickly! I really should be relaxing and enjoying summer but life is making it hard to do so! Also summer work is killing me because I just can’t freaking read Catch-22. That book I swear makes me fall asleep in less than 2 minutes! I know it’s suppose to be a great book but again I stress that history is not my thing nor historic fiction novels! I can’t even read non fiction books let alone Catch-22. Ughhhhhh!



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