I Need To Lose Weight!!!!!!!!

Okay, first of all I know I’m short and lately I’ve gained some weight. However, I didn’t expect my parents bombarding me with criticisms saying that everyone is telling them that I’ve gotten fatter! Then they go on saying that I am lazy as hell. I know I’m lazy but they don’t have to charge at me like that. I really want to exercise too but sports is really not my thing and I do want to go outside and just walk around for exercise but I don’t like being alone. I honestly am going to try to move more often but I’m really hurt by the fact that they are criticizing me like that. Maybe I am just too sensitive but I’m hurt. I am vowing from today on that I will walk outside for an hour every day. I will do exercises at home. My parents don’t believe3 me I don’t care. I’m sick of them always yelling at me and not even trying to understand me. There is a reason why I am always on the computer and not moving around. In a house full of people I can still feel like I am all alone. The internet is my way of feeling less lonely. I will update on my exercise project.



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