I’m Back!!!!!!!!

Hey guys I’m back from vacation! I’ve been in Hong Kong for a month and I came to realize that no matter how interesting it is to be in a different country and experiencing a different lifestyle; there’s nothing more comfortable than being at home.I’ve got homesick around a week or two before I come back home.Of course, I also missed my blog and just talking to you guys ( or myself right now) and when I checked the viewer counts I was so surprised! I didn’t expect people to view my blog since I haven’t posted anything new but anyway I like to thank everyone who gave my blog the time of day even if it was for a few minutes. When I got back, my report card was sent through mail since I was on vacation and luckily my GPA stayed the same. My subject averages were lower which was unfortunate but the last report card grades always seem to lower than previous ones so it’s alright. As for my regents scores I am pleasantly surprised because I have decent grades. My chemistry regents score was the lowest which is a 76. Global and Geometry regents was a 84 and 86 which is not too high but I really was just aiming for a grade that would not cause me to retake the regents again. However, I need to catch up on summer homework AND study for SATs since I and so nervous for it.



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