Hi Everyone!

I’m finally done with all my Regents and I’m ready to embrace the summer ( or the summer heat embracing me). I have come to realize that I did not post for the longest time… My apologies, however, I also have to inform everyone that I will not be able to post anything until July 20 something because I am going on vacation. I really need to just take a break from reality and just relax. I am going to Hong Kong, Beijing, and China! It’s going to be fun but again why is it so hot! But anyway I will miss you all and please be patient and wait until my return. I will tell you guys all about it! I also like to take this time to thank all my followers because when I made this blog it was really to just to let out my feelings and try to engage myself it writing in general. My followers have been so nice and encouraging to me and is making my blogging experience enjoyable. As to the original idea of the blog where I keep myself mysterious, I feel like I revealed quite a lot to you guys already. I am pretty sure you guys realize generally where I am but for my safety, the mystery girl behind this blog, just keep this knowledge among st yourselves until I am ready to reveal more of my identity. Thank You and see you guys in a month!



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