Humans are so complicated…

Everyone has their problems in life that they deal with. These problems bring out our weaker, fragile selves that we want to suppress deep into our hearts. We try to deal with our problems but in the end we usually find ourselves trying to hide from reality or distract ourselves from the tugging in our hearts. To the trillions of people out there who are struggling to keep their lives together and cope with whatever is bothering them, all I want to say is “You are not alone”. A wise friend said to me that, ” Friends are just the family God forgot to give us” . I thought that was so true. Friends can be the best people you can meet in your life. They can be your savior…. your protector… your weakness. Despite all the issues I am currently dealing with, I feel like I am one of the lucky ones, I have people who care and love me dearly. I know I can always depend on my friends to be the ears that will always be there for me. My friends are one of the reasons I haven’t lost my sanity yet. They are the reason I don’t have mental breakdowns in public. I just want to say to all my friends ” Thank you, you guys are my guardian angels that look out for me. You guys didn’t have to stay by my side to listen to my worries but you did and that just makes you guys even more special in my heart. Also, to oneĀ particular friend of mine, although I can not say I know you extremely well nor am I considered really close with you, You are like a tree that shades me from my troubles. You’re ears when I want someone to listen to me, you’re a pair of arms when I just need a hug, and so much more. Even though you always show an optimistic side when you’re with me I just want you to know I’ll be there for you even if you have to call me at 3am. Like in this drama I watched, When the tree wants to stand and keep rooted to ground but the wind keeps blowing at it, I will be your fence that will protect you from the wind.



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