So Much Stress Lately…

I have been eating less lately and I feel like it is due to me being under a lot of stress from studying for regents and etc. Honestly, I just want to get the testing and school over with so I can go on my vacation and see my mom and brother in China.  Although, I hate the hot weather in China I feel like I need to get out of home for a while. I need to just relax and think of things other than school. As we all grow up things just get more and more difficult and hard. I guess I am really trying to transition to a responsible strong teenager. However, a strong part of me still wants to grasp on to the child inside me… My future is still bright and there are many things that I want to do but have not gotten the time to do so yeah…Do you get this loneliness in your heart sometimes? I get that at times where I am at home and I have no one to talk to. Although I have friends and I can tell them about my feelings, there are just times where I can not use words to tell them how I truly feel. And I am not the type of person to verbally express my feelings out to people. I tend to keep things to myself and become very quiet. I do not make friends easily because of my quiet nature and I’m not that approachable in the beginning. However, after knowing each other more I get more outgoing and easier to converse with. And if I am truly comfortable with you I put my entire trust in you and then people start to see the real me, the loud awkward me…




  1. “As we all grow up things just get more and more difficult and hard.” -You’re definitely right!

  2. billgladstone · June 4, 2012

    Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. I too feel i am split in two worlds, one part worried about my future, and career, and the other part longing to hold on to the carefree and joyful childhood. It is when we try to suppress one part and feed the other that we get a feeling of indecision, remorse etc. Try to acknowledge the existence and feelings of both sides and take a decision based on your higher brain.
    Not my words, they are from Neil Fiore’s book…Awakening your strongest self

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