OMG……… I broke down in tears in front of my History Teacher!!!!!!

I’m being horrible with my promises to blog more. So sorry but with testing and finals, things are getting stressful. Also, my mom and brother went to China leaving my dad and I alone. That makes my dad focus all his attention on me and it is getting on my nerves. He lectures me about being distracted in homework and he’s telling me not to hang out with my friends… I have a life and I need time away from home. I need to take a break and be with friends or I’ll go nuts. Well, today I finally cracked… I cried in school. Thankfully it was after school and I just got out of Sign Language Club. I received a phone call from my dad saying how I should stop hanging out with friends after school and go straight home to do homework. He was demanding me and twisting my words around. There are many things in life that I can not stand and can drives me nuts. I hate when people twist my words around and try to put words in my mouth that I never implied or said. I HATE THAT! Tears just started to fall down my cheeks as I tried drying them with the back of my hand hoping no one sees me. However, I was with my friends so they obviously saw me and tried to comfort me. Then, consequently my history teacher walks by and sees me. She tries to comfort me and asked to talk to me in private. She asked me about my problems and I talked to her about my dad being old fashioned and unable to understand me. She worried about me and asked me have I ever talked to my guidance counselor or my advisor. She suggested that I talk to my guidance counselor so she can help me but I kindly denied because I feel like I am able to deal with it. Writing it out on my blog is one of the ways I deal with my stress.





  1. Blog is really helpful! Keep on blogging 🙂

  2. billgladstone · June 4, 2012

    That’s fine…happens to us all sometime in our lives, just be strong and be yourself…and keep blogging

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