Hi Everyone!

I’m finally done with all my Regents and I’m ready to embrace the summer ( or the summer heat embracing me). I have come to realize that I did not post for the longest time… My apologies, however, I also have to inform everyone that I will not be able to post anything until July 20 something because I am going on vacation. I really need to just take a break from reality and just relax. Read More


Sorry for another long hiatus…..

I have to study for Geometry and Chemistry Regents which are both on the same day! That day is tomorrow so I’m in ninja study mode! Wish me luck!



Finally Finished with the Global Regents!!!

I feel so relieved that I finished one of my regents!!!! However, I got in trouble with my dad so I am grounded for the rest of the time until I get on the plane on the 25th. I’m kinda sad that the school year is over because next year I will have an even tougher year. I still have a lot of problems regarding my dad but I’m too tired and upset to talk about it. I guess during this time I have by myself when I’m grounded I can just relax and enough some time to myself. Not really sure what to talk about next so I’ll talk to you guys later!



Humans are so complicated…

Everyone has their problems in life that they deal with. These problems bring out our weaker, fragile selves that we want to suppress deep into our hearts. We try to deal with our problems but in the end we usually find ourselves trying to hide from reality or distract ourselves from the tugging in our hearts. To the trillions of people out there who are struggling to keep their lives together and cope with whatever is bothering them, all I want to say is “You are not alone”. A wise friend said to me that, ” Friends are just the family God forgot to give us” . Read More

Not in the Mental State to Post today…

I’ve cried twice today and my head hurts. I am not mentally stable to post an actual post today. Just wanted to say thanks to my friends Ronnie, Lizzie, Jenelle, and everyone else who tried to comfort me when I was crying and was feeling lonely. Thank you guys! I do feel a lot better because of your comfort.



So Much Stress Lately…

I have been eating less lately and I feel like it is due to me being under a lot of stress from studying for regents and etc. Honestly, I just want to get the testing and school over with so I can go on my vacation and see my mom and brother in China.  Although, I hate the hot weather in China I feel like I need to get out of home for a while. I need to just relax and think of things other than school. Read More

OMG……… I broke down in tears in front of my History Teacher!!!!!!

I’m being horrible with my promises to blog more. So sorry but with testing and finals, things are getting stressful. Also, my mom and brother went to China leaving my dad and I alone. That makes my dad focus all his attention on me and it is getting on my nerves. He lectures me about being distracted in homework and he’s telling me not to hang out with my friends… I have a life and I need time away from home. I need to take a break and be with friends or I’ll go nuts. Well, today I finally cracked… I cried in school. Read More