Coney Island Fun…

Today, I went to Coney Island because it was my friend Veronica ( Ronnie)’s birthday. We went to the beach which I realized really isn’t my thing… but it was fun nonetheless. I only had the professional wear or one piece swimsuit that I was too lazy to wear so I just went in the water with my regular clothes. Little o’l me did not think it through because my shirt was white so basically I was flaunting my bra around the beach… awkward embarrassing moment. Making a mental note to never do that again. Anyway, then we went to the Coney Island amusement park. My friends rode the Soaring Eagle ride, it looked really scary. I rode The Tickler which was not scary but the twists were very painful. HAHA. Anyway it was getting late so we all ate Nathans while sitting on the floor of the boardwalk, oh joy! Ronnie and my other friend Yuan were obsessed with a fishing game since they wanted to win spiderman boxing gloves. In the end they did and I got a mini teddy bear that is a little disfigured but I like it anyway. My friend Cat named it Danny. I basically just got home and I am soo tired. I ‘m gonna rest.



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