I got hurt…

First of all, I apologize to everyone for my hiatus. However, I went to my first ever sleepover since it was my friend Lizzie’s birthday. We went to her country house which turned out to be a resort! I had a blast, we went swimming and it had a water slide that we were on. It was so much fun! I dyed my hair with my friends but my hair was too dark so the red color wouldn’t show. Then at night we ate cake at a fireplace in the outside areas of the resort where there were couches around the open fire. There were also these open beds that you can just climb on and sit down. The night sky was sooo pretty, I usually do not go out of the city and with so much lights I never seen stars before. That night was the first time in my life I had ever seen stars. I leaned back on the couch and stared at the sky… it felt so surreal…it felt like I was in a dome and the starry night sky was a wallpaper background. I lifted my hand up to try to grasp on it. Later,  I made some of my friends stay up till 4 am! We made a large pizza roll at midnight and smores casserole at like 3 am. The next day, we went swimming again at like 11 ish and that was when I had an accident. I can not see when I’m underwater so I was trying to grab the wall but ended up bumping my head hard on the wall of the pool. It was not a tile covered pool, it had hard rocky walls so I hit my head to the wall in the eyelid, eyebrow area and I got a cut. I immediately check if my glasses were broken and my hand grabbed my eye. My friends noticed and I let go of my eye just to realize that there was blood on my hands. So, I used my hand to cover my eye to add pressure to stop the bleeding. My friends rushed to me and pulled me out of the pool. They called the lifeguard and gave me a towel to put it on my wound since the blood started going down my face and down my arm. ( I really didnt bleed that much and the cut was not deep, it was just that I was in the pool so I was wet and basically it was my blood with some water. The lifeguard put some band aids on my wound and I looked like I was beaten up. But overall, my weekend was awesome besides the accident…



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