Failed Attempt to dye my hair with Strawberry Jello mix

Hey, so a couple days ago I saw on youtube a few videos of people dying their hair with kool aid. A few of them actually had good results with it and I heard some even lasted a few months. I thought that was pretty interesting since it’s not going to damage your hair like hair dye would and it’s not permanent.I wanted to try that and I went everywhere trying to find unsweetened kool aid. I didn’t find any! I only found unsweetened jello mix. So I was like I’m gonna give it a try. Well, I started the process at like 6ish and was going to leave it in for 6 hours but it would be too late and I had school tomorrow. So I washed it out at 11. Total fail! It looks the same! My hair is still dark but now its smells like strawberries. I showed it to my mom and she said oh it worked alittle, she said my hair is a brownish red tint. I looked at it again and saw no difference… I was thinking in my head, ” I love you mom and all but nothing happened to it!” Will I try it again? Probably but I am determined to try it with unsweetened kool aid now and leave it in for 10 hrs.




  1. billgladstone · May 7, 2012

    Wait for the weekend, and leave it on for 6 hours…then you become a redhead…BTW i am not sure that is the colour expected,’cause i don’t know what kool aid is…

    • elyseksommer · May 8, 2012

      kool aid is actually a flavored powder drink that you mix with water but because the color leaves a strong stain, it can be a temporary dye. Also, I’m not going to do the whole head my dad will freak out if I did!

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