Coney Island Fun…

Today, I went to Coney Island because it was my friend Veronica ( Ronnie)’s birthday. We went to the beach which I realized really isn’t my thing… but it was fun nonetheless. I only had the professional wear or one piece swimsuit that I was too lazy to wear so I just went in the water with my regular clothes. Little o’l me did not think it through because my shirt was white Read More


I got hurt…

First of all, I apologize to everyone for my hiatus. However, I went to my first ever sleepover since it was my friend Lizzie’s birthday. We went to her country house which turned out to be a resort! I had a blast, we went swimming and it had a water slide that we were on. It was so much fun! I dyed my hair with my friends but my hair was too dark so the red color wouldn’t show. Then at night we ate cake at a fireplace in the outside areas of the resort where there were couches around the open fire. There were also these open beds that you can just climb on and sit down. The night sky was sooo pretty, I usually do not go out of the city and with so much lights I never seen stars before. That night was the first time in my life I had ever seen stars. I leaned back on the couch and stared at the sky… it felt so surreal…it felt like I was in a dome and the starry night sky was a wallpaper background. I lifted my hand up to try to grasp on it. Read More

Haven’t posted anything up…….

Sorry, I’ve been pretty out of it lately and I wasn’t feeling too well so I didn’t post anything. But I going to my first sleepover next Friday and usually my parents won’t let me. I think they let me because they have been seeing me stress out over school and they are probably thinking I need to let loose a little or I might develop depression or something. I’m probably gonna dye my hair there with my friends since I’m afraid my dad would yell at me if he sees me do it at home. Just wanted to drop by since I feel horrible for not posting for so long.



Evidence on how I cannot focus when I am doing homework!

I have a problem. A MAJOR PROBLEM! I am a procrastinator! I get distracted easily when I am doing homework. My mind is telling me to focus but my eyes shift to the computer monitor. This post is pure evidence of my procrastination. My problem is the reason why I sleep in class and is easily cranky. I DON’T GET ENOUGH SLEEP! Heck, I sleep at 3am and wake up at 7. Attempt number 2 to focus! I have a serious problem…



Failed Attempt to dye my hair with Strawberry Jello mix

Hey, so a couple days ago I saw on youtube a few videos of people dying their hair with kool aid. A few of them actually had good results with it and I heard some even lasted a few months. I thought that was pretty interesting since it’s not going to damage your hair like hair dye would and it’s not permanent.I wanted to try that and I went everywhere trying to find unsweetened kool aid. I didn’t find any! I only found unsweetened jello mix. Read More

Hey guys! I’m back

Hey sorry I haven’t posted much this past week because I had a ton of homework and dance practice since the Mandarin Final is the end of the month. The entire week I had only 4 hours of sleep per day so I’ve been cranky and easily irritated which my friends obviously noticed but they understand that’s just how I become when I lack sleep. I really don’t want to say this but on Friday, I failed my global test and I mean I’m totally serious about it. I’ve had no interest in History whatsoever and it just doesn’t stick to my brain! So, that really made me depressed and worried that my grades are going to lower tremendously. I would like to maintain my 90 GPA in school and I’m not having a good start to my final quarter… Anyway, I am still sore from dance practice that I’ve been having after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Not to mention I had yoga club prior to dance practice so Read More

Happy News!!

A new life has just been born today! My cousin’s wife just gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy!!!! YAY!!¬†

Just wanted to share some good news but back to homework!