So Tired…..

Today was such a lousy day! First, I failed a pop quiz in English which my teacher thinks I probably didn’t read the book which I did! It just goes through one ear and out the other! Then I had to take a global geography test and I didn’t exactly fail that but I felt like I could have done better. ( I was never good at maps) AFterschool, I had to practice with some of my friends on a Chinese Dance called Peacock Dance for my Mandarin Final. I’m not complaining but while other foreign language classes take a actual test final the Mandarin class does crazy things for a final! Last year, we went to a karaoke to sing in mandarin as our final!This year we are doing a Chinese Talent Show… I’m so worried because I never preformed dancing in my life and I am totally uncoordinated so when my friend teaches us the dance I’m like: What? Anyway wish me good luck! And I gotta finish homework and study for a BioChem test I have tomorrow!




  1. billgladstone · April 27, 2012

    All the best 4 everyhting…i am glad i never had to stand for anything like this…

  2. billgladstone · April 27, 2012

    if u want tips on how i minimize study time and maximize results, there is a post in my blog…or just ask me.Always here to help

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