Sorry for going in hibernation mode for a few days…

Hi guys,

Sorry for not posting for a week! I’ve been trying to get myself to transition back from spring break. But anyway I’me good now and ready to post again! My week has been pretty quick because some of my teachers and friends went to foreign exchange to China and didn’t come back until Wednesday night. Substitute teachers are a break from classes. I had to present a project in History class and man, I sucked. I get extremely nervous when I have to present in front of people even if they are my friends. There are times where I do well and other times I just want to jump into a hole. I also signed up to join an AP English Language class in my school but I had to write an essay in 40 minutes about a really boring passage they gave us. Since I am a slow writer I didn’t finish. Then there was a really short discussion which I wanted to speak but I didn’t have the guts to since there were so many people that I didn’t know. My mind just went blank! I don’t think I will get in, but at least I tried and my parents were very cool with it they didn’t really care much about it probably since they don’t want me to push myself too hard and crack (had experience where in the middle of studying for an exam I would just start crying). Allergies are starting to kill me. That is why I hate spring and summer. I am allergic to pollen and certain trees so when spring comes I start sneezing, stuffed noses, and itchy eyes. Summer, I just hate how it’s so HOT! I don’t like sweating and would much rather prefer my pale complexion. I promise to post more often!



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  1. billgladstone · April 21, 2012

    I know what you mean by allergies…I have a bad case of it too…and it is not seasonal.
    But I love to do presentations in front of my class…and try to rock it always, except sometimes I suck very bad…but that’s life!!!

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