Totally Satisfied: Got my Frozen Yogurt but Nervous for Tomorrow

Hey guys sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. It is just that I was dying from allergies and heat. I just hate spring and summer that is coming! Hate the heat, feel like I’m being cooked alive! But anyway the highlight of my day would have to be that I FINALLY GOT MY FRO YO. You guys know I’ve been craving it all week! I got a plain one with mochi, dark chocolate and milk chocolate crisps. Yum. Oh, I’m so nervous for tomorrow where I have a group presentation for History class. I wasn’t as nervous before but at the end of the class my teacher decided to say that my group was going tomorrow. I was thinking, ” Thanks that totally dampened my day” Now I gotta go write down notecards and practice saying it since I have to speak for at least 4-5 minutes.




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