Today’s Summary of My Spectacular Day!

As for many of the teenagers in the world, spring break is full of parties and relaxation. However, for little o’l me, I DIDN’T GO ANYWHERE! I am so jealous of my friends who went to a different state, even a different country! But nonetheless I got to hang out with my friends today and had a pretty fun day. We went to Dylan’s Candy Bar and it was SUGAR HEAVEN! To bad the prices were not as pretty as the candies there. Walking around the store was like walking back to my childhood and revisiting all the novelty candy I use to eat. After going there I went with my friend to Soho to eat lunch. We went to Mahattan Bistro which is very well known as the haunted restaurant. If you want to know more about the murder case of the ghost that haunts the restaurant you can go search it up because I don’t really know the entire story either. Despite going to the restaurant, I couldn’t see the well in the basement ( not that I really wanted to see it, it’s scary). I had a calamari shrimp salad which the calamari and the shrimp tasted pretty good but the red lettuce tasted bitter and the vinaigrette was really sour.  Maybe, I still have a burger and milkshake palate where to other people they might like it more than I did, I’m not one to judge. However, my true highlight of the day was that the restaurant had two really cute British waiters there. My friend and I totally gushed over them while we were eating. I was so shy and I could not even look or talk to them. They were beyond cute! But, they are totally out of my league so I’m just going to admire afar… So, overall I had a great day and I hope everyone did too!



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