College got me busy!

Guys, I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted in forever. The summer flew by like a snap! I was so busy working as a Camp Counselor and Bus Counselor for a country day camp. Since, I live in the city I have to commute by bus to get to the actual bus stop where I have to pick up the kids and watch over them on the bus to the camp. I was also the Kindergarten girls’ Camp Counselor so I was always busy. I use to be very pale and now I’m nice and tan which is a first in my 18 years. But, since I had to work a lot of hours a day when I get home I am way too tired to even think about touching my computer. After the summer ended, I had to move in to my dorm. My first year in college! Everything came at me so fast. I wanted to tell you guys everything but I always had so much to do. 

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I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all, I’m back and ready to have some fun!!!!!!!!!! Oh during my hiatus, I realized it was my two year anniversary. Happy Anniversary with littlebodybigattitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be posting more photos and writing more posts, I’m sorry for being gone for so long. Before I was really stressed and mentally insane. After my break, I’m refreshed and ready to share my wild adventures!!!!!!

I’m sorry

This is just a quick update/ apology. I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting but I really just can’t right now. You guys know that I’ve been having problems with my dad and it basically exploded recently. I’m going through a very depressed stage right now and I find it hard to smile recently. I’m sorry but until I can really be me again. I think I need some time away from everyone and try to find happiness and hope that my heart stops feeling so upset.

Bye. for now